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last modified: October 24, 1995

me on minibike 1968My first ride, about 1968

Recently I spent 3 months motorcycling in India.

I wrote a preliminary chapter on Asking directions in India.

Loudon NH trackRacing at Loudon

Three years ago I took a class in Motorcycle Road racing, and began Vintage racing. An article I wrote for AHRMA on my attending Penguin racing school and beginning racing experience that appeared in their newsletter. In it I talk about trying to go fast on my '72 Combat Norton Commando.

Auction results

Jerry Wood, Kunze
Jerry Wood, Ohio
Jerry Wood, Daytona FL
Jerry Wood, Manchester NH(incomplete, will finish soon)

Motorcycle price research

I have been collecting some motorcycle price data. I will post results here periodically. I am guessing as to which makes and models would be of interest. Please use the form below to email me requests for future graphs.

Harley Davidson FXE 3d graph Harley Davidson FXE

Triumph T120 3d graph BMW R100RS 3d graph

Condition codes: 1 = new or near new, 2 = well above average, 3 = average for age, 4 = complete but ratty, 5 = basket case.

Please Check back later, more graphs will be posted.

As of December 20, 1995 I have had about 275 responses (about 140KBytes) to the form below.

A condensed version of the responses file, consisting of make, model, condition, & price data only.

Actual/Asking Price Ratios (109 entries)

  1. Average: 93.7%
  2. Lowest: 25%
  3. Highest: 100%

Please Contribute

If you have either bought or sold a bike in the last year, please fill out the following form. I will accumulate and post results here.

Please include:

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Sold for:

Advertised for:

Comments: (optional)

Your responses are emailed to me when you press this button:

syrup signHelp a vintage racer, buy VT maple syrup harvested on my mini-farm!