Tom Lichtman's Home Page

(Note: I wrote this page in 1995, and have left it as a living museum to the state of the art in webpage design back then)

Myself in SF (1990ish)

POB 247, Pawlet, Vermont, 05761

802 325-6107

Because it was there, and easy to post, I added My Resume. To my suprise, a significant number of visitors have downloaded it. It's pretty dry, Just a work oriented document. Currently I am working a Contract with Loral in Lexington, MA (near Boston; 617 863-3893) to help design an infared weather satellite. My part of the project is the design of the circuit boards for the satellite's brain.

Every year Kathleen & I run a masquerade party. Here are 8 pix of some great costumes; (about 180KB total).

India photo A photo from my recent trip to India

Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Chuan

hon750prices Motorcycle page

I live with four cats, Min and Max who are pure white siblings; Bill, a talkative affectionate shorthair; and Bonkers, a semi-feral grey tiger that came with the property.

Some Interesting Links

syrup sign I'm selling VT maple syrup harvested on my mini-farm!